Drawing the moments no one ever sees

Nadia is an artist from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. She holds a BA in anthropology, with a minor in art history. Her work focuses on what it means to be human, with her subjects being primarily portraits and erotic figure drawings.

She has always been inspired by the inner worlds of her subjects – what makes her characters tick, what they’re thinking about the situations they are faced with. She draw the moments no one ever sees – the ones that take place behind closed doors, or even in the hidden recesses of the subject’s mind.

Obviously, “Nadia Vanilla” is a pseudonym. Because much of her subject matter is erotic or controversial in nature, she isn’t free to use her given name. Still, her work aims to break down the barriers between the internal world and the external, between the taboo and the “appropriate,” between public and private.

She tend to create mostly black and white works, with a heavy hand on the light and shadow, although currently, Nadia is experimenting with color in the form of ink and watercolors.